9 Reasons You Should To Use A Grinder for Your Cannabis

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Whether you are new to the 420 community or have been enjoying cannabis for most of your life, you’ve probably heard of a handy little tool called a grinder. Grinders are (usually) cylindrical objects consisting of two or more compartments that grind your sticky buds into small flake-like bits and pieces.

In this article, we will answer the question: is a grinder truly necessary for preparing your cannabis? After all, hands and scissors have been the tools of choice for generations. The short answer is: "No, you do not necessarily need a grinder to enjoy some flavourful herbs." The longer answer is: "No, but grinders do offer some real and compelling advantages over manually preparing your buds." So, let's talk about those advantages. 

A Brief History of Grinders

Cannabis grinders have been around for a very long time. They originated as kitchen appliances but were soon discovered by connoisseurs as an excellent way to prepare your dry flower for consumption. Over time, grinders have evolved to become highly specialized, making them an integral part of the 420 experience.

So, why should you consider getting your own grinder?

There are several good reasons to switch from manually preparing and breaking your buds into smaller pieces to using a grinder to do it for you. 

1- Even Grind for Consistent Experience

The absolute number one reason why I love using my grinder is the fact that it delivers a much more consistent grind than hands or scissors can ever achieve. Properly ground herb makes rolling a joint or spliff or packing a god bowl so much easier and more enjoyable. Plus, grinding your herb using a grinder will give you a more even burn, making the whole experience smoother and much more flavourful. I used to be the kind of guy that would simply tear off a piece of the bud, stack it in the bowl, and light it up. The first time I took a hit using a bong filled with evenly ground herb, I was amazed by how much better it tasted and how much more dense and gentle the toke was. 

2- Grinding makes rolling easier

For many decades, I used to break my buds by hand and roll them into a joint with some tobacco to even things out and improve the way the joint would burn. The problem was that even when you put some effort into it, the chunks of weed would be … well, just that, chunks. Rolling a joint or spliff, even without any tobacco is so much easier when you use a grinder to chop up your flower. I’m a pretty good roller and I was amazed about how easy it is to roll up with some perfectly ground weed. Not only do they make rolling easier, well ground weed also burns at a much more consistent rate. I still add a tiny but of tobacco, but hey, that’s just me. 

Properly ground cannabis is much easier to roll into a joint or to pack a bowl with. It also burns at a more even rate, giving you a more flavourful and gentle experience.

3- Preservation of Potency

We all like to get as much of the good stuff out of our weed as possible. Using a grinder preserves much more of your bud’s potency than breaking your weed up by hand. Instead of all that super potent resin, oil and trichomes sticking to your fingers, they stay with the herb. When you use your hands, quite a bit of the plant’s oil and trichomes (those tiny crystals that cover your buds and contain the majority of cannabinoids and terpenes) will stick to your fingers, reducing the potency of your cannabis. Using a grinder ensures you get the most out of your herb.

This SharpStone Grinder with transparent lid is a good example of a 4-stage grinder. It contains a mesh to catch the ground bud while letting your kief pass through into the kief collection compartment at the bottom.

4- Kief Collection

Kief-catchers are a huge, often overlooked, advantage of using a grinder versus your hands. Kief is the name for the little trichomes that fall off the bud as you handle it. Many grinders come with a kief catcher, a compartment that collects these potent trichomes. Collecting your kief allows you to use it separately, for example by sprinkling it over your weed for a more intense experience, or to make your own delicious moon rock.

Kief consist of the little trichomes that fall off the buds as you break them apart, or in this case, grind them in a grinder. It is a very potent boost for your joints or bowls.

5- Time and Effort

We all know that grinding your dried flower by hand is time-consuming and gives inconsistent results. Sure, scissors may be more precise than hands, but they can still be slow and cumbersome. A grinder simplifies the process, saving you time and effort. Load some bud into the chamber, give it a few twists and you’re ready to light up. 

7- Versatility

Grinders can easily handle different types of cannabis, from dense to fluffy and from dry to moist. They provide you with an even and consistent blend that can be challenging to achieve when using hands or scissors.

Grinders make quick work of almost any type of cannabis bud, be it dense and dry or fluffy and moist.  

6- More Hygienic

Grinders offer a much more efficient and hygienic way to prepare your cannabis. Not only do you lose some of the potency when preparing your buds with hands and scissors, but when you use your hands, oils and dirt from your skin can transfer to the buds, potentially altering the flavour and purity of your herb.

8- Portable and Convenient

Many grinders are designed to be compact and portable, making them an ideal choice for on-the-go use. Or, you can easily grind your bud to the perfect consistency beforehand and bring it with you in a small container or a little bag.

9- Electronic Grinders and Combo Grinders

Besides manual grinders, we are seeing an increasing number of electronic grinders on the market that will do most—if not all—the work for you with just the push of a button. These grinders can often either handle large quantities at once or, in the case of so-called combo grinders, can both grind your bud and fill your joints.

Electronic grinders like this puffing bird grinder makes grinding as easy as pushing a button. 

Conclusion: Embracing Convenience

While traditional methods have their charm, the efficiency, consistency, and potency preservation offered by grinders make them an almost indispensable tool for anyone who enjoys a good buzz. There is nothing inherently wrong about preparing your buds with your hands and scissors, but once you discover the joys of using of a grinder, you’ll never go back.

That being said, now that we have discussed the advantages of owning your own grinder, let’s look at different types of grinders and how to choose the right one for your needs and budget. On our website, MaryJane420.ca, we offer a diverse selection of grinders that cater to all preferences and needs. Whether you're shopping for yourself or seeking the perfect gift, we have something that meets all your needs and requirements. 

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