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    We don't say it often, but this Xhaal electric pen grinder and dispenser is simply pure genius! It is incredibly good at grinding your favourite herb, and its sleek and compact design makes it look more like a vape pen than a grinder. The thing we like most about this grinder, though, is its ease of use. You load the chamber, grind your herb (you can check its progress using the transparent window), and when it's ready, you open the top and pour your herbs into your rolling paper or bowl. No more sticky fingers and little pieces of herb going all over the place. Load, grind, pour... and Bob's your uncle. It's also the perfect gift for Bob, or any uncle, father, mother, sibling, friend, or... well, you get it, there is always someone, including yourself, who would be really happy with a grinder like this.

    Available colours: Black | White.


    Product Specifications:

    Brand: Xhaal

    Ships from: Canada

    Material: Stainless Steel


    Height: 17.8 cm / 7 inches

    auto-grinder with stainless steel blender and dispenser

    Rechargeable battery

    USB charging port


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