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Cleaning your bong on a regular basis is an essential part of proper bong maintenance. Not only does a clean bong look good and smell fresh, but it also ensures that your smoke is clean and free of harmful bacteria.

Luckily, cleaning your bong is easy. Just follow these 7 steps and you will have your dirty bong looking like new in no time.

Smoking your herbs in a clean bong makes all the difference.

How to Clean your dirty bong in 7 easy steps and make it look like new again.


What you will need:

– Pipe cleaners or brushes

– Alcohol (70+% Isopropyl) and (medium-coarse) salt 


– Bong Cleaner Fluid

– Warm water

– Ziplock bag, large enough to hold the bong parts in.

Step 1. The first step in cleaning a bong is to empty out any remaining water and ashes from your bong and, if you have them, your bubbler and ash catcher. 

Step 2. Disassemble your bong as much as possible, removing the bowl, the downstem, and any other parts that can be separated. 

This freezable bong can be dismantled into four separate pieces: the coil, base, stem and bowl. 

Step 3. Rinse each part with warm water to remove any remaining ashes or debris. 

Pay extra attention to percolators, the downstem, and the bowl. These parts can easily get clogged with resin and ash. This build-up adversely affects the quality of the smoke. 

You can use standard pipe cleaners or a small brush to clean the downstem, bowl, and inside of the base. 

Percolators are often more challenging to clean. If you are using alcohol and salt, you may want to pour a little dish soap into the percolator and let it rest for a few minutes. Then rinse it thoroughly with warm water.

Step 4. Pour a good quantity of alcohol and salt (or bong cleaner fluid) into a ziplock bag.

Step 5. Place your bong in the bag and seal it tight. Depending on the size and sturdiness of your bong, you may want to clean each part separately.

Step 6. If you are using special bong cleaning fluid, follow the instructions on the bottle.

If you are using alcohol and salt, hold the bong(pieces) in the bag so they stay in place, and shake the bag vigorously for several minutes. Then let it rest for a couple of minutes and shake it again. Repeat this until all the goo has detached itself from the inside of the bong.

The salt in the alcohol acts as an abrasive to help remove any stubborn residue, while the alcohol helps to dissolve the goo and acts as a disinfectant. 

Pipe cleaners and special bong cleaner fluid can make your life a lot easier.

Step 7: Rinse the bong thoroughly with lukewarm water. You can use some dish soap as well to get it super clean.

To keep your bong in top condition, you must clean it regularly. Personally, I rinse my bong after every smoking session. If I’m too lazy to rinse it, I will fill it with warm water and some dish soap and let it sit overnight. The following day I will flush and clean the bong.



A perfectly clean octagonal bong, ready to be used.

How to prevent the build-up of resin and goo in your bong?

The best way to prevent any build-up of goo and resin is to rinse your bong (parts) with warm water after each smoking session. 

Additionally, you can use a metal mesh screen in the bowl. These screens are made of very fine metal mesh and cut to approximately the right size. You can find them in almost any headshop or specialized tobacco retailer. These mesh screens will catch most of the loose ash and resin before they can enter the bong. You can use a single mesh screen multiple times until it gets too clogged up.


In conclusion:

Keeping your bong clean is essential for its appearance and function. The best methods for cleaning a bong include alcohol and salt or a specialized bong cleaning solution and regular maintenance, such as cleaning the downstem and bowl using a pipe cleaner. By following these tips, you will keep your bong in top condition, ready to provide you with a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience every time you take a hit.

Full disclosure: we are an online store that sells bongs and accessories (and many more 420 products). The links in this blog post link to the products in our store. Even though our bong cleaning products will make light work of any kind of build-up in your bong, they are not necessary to properly clean your bong. Alcohol and salt will do a great job as well. They may just take a bit more time and effort to achive similar results.

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