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420 Summertime Essentials

Take this summer to a *higher* level with these amazing 420 summer time essentials. They make truly great gifts for any summer-fun-loving stoner. From handy bongs and smoking gear made for hiking, to 420 beach wear and super soft towels that are perfect for a day at the beach or the lake, you will find it here.  Let the Reefer  Summertime Madness begin!

420 Beach Towels

Whether on the beach, the lake, the pool or at home, our bath/beach towels are perfect for just about any occasion. We’ve got an amazing selection of 420 bath and beach towels, both round and rectangular. They are all made of high quality materials with super-cool designs, and make a great gift that will last for many summers to come.

You can find our full selection here.


  • Marble Weed Leaf | Round Beach Towel | 59 x 59 inches

    USD$ 37.50
  • White Leaf | Circular Beach Towel | 59 x 59 Inches

    USD$ 37.50
  • Gold Leaf Pebbles | Circular Beach Towel | 59 x 59 Inches

    USD$ 37.50
  • Gold Leaf Dreamcatcher | Circular Beach Towel | 59 x 59 Inches

    USD$ 37.50

420 Swimwear

Who says you can’t show your love for our favourite herb in public? We’ve got a wide range of amazing swimwear that are both comfortable to wear and super cool to look at. From shorts and bikinis to single- and two-piece swimsuits, we’ve got the perfect fit for every body type. Plus, our swimwear is made of made of quick-drying, non-piling polyester fabric; making them an excellent choice during those hot, sunny days.

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