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Ganja Vibes – IRIE VIBES Series Glass Bong | 14 Inches | Various Colours

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Measuring 14 inches, this Ganja Vibes "Irie series" bong is the middle child of the Irie series. It combines the best of both its shorter and taller siblings. Compact enough to handle with one hand while hanging on the cough, but large enough to deliver an incredibly smooth and cool hit. It features two honeycomb disk percs for just that extra bit of filtration and cooling power, the latter can be enhanced even more by adding some ice on the three prong ice catcher.

The name of this bong series, Irie, is Jamaican slang for "good" or "nice".  It is also used as a greeting by Rastafarians. But this bong is much more than "nice." It is amazing. Whether you get the 12 inch, 14 inch or 20 inch version. The Irie Series bongs will rock your world and every smoking sesh with eerie ease. Irie, eh?

Available in Amber | Teal | Green | Grey | Pink | Blue


Product Specifications:

Brand: Ganja Vibes

Ships from: Canada

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Size: 35 cm / 14 Inches

Joint size: 19 mm

Weight: 1050 grams

Percolators: Single honeycomb disk percolator

Note: this bong is artisan hand crafted.


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Amber, Teal, Green, Grey, Pink, Blue


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