Maze Mahogany Rolling Tray | 10 x 7 Inches

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Product Description:

Rolling trays come in lots of shapes and sizes. The Maze Mahogany Rolling Tray stands out because of its simple elegance and high quality manufacturing. Made from high-quality Mahogany wood, this rolling tray is guaranteed last for decades. 10 inches wide and 7 inches top-to-bottom (25 x 18 cm), makes this rolling tray large enough to prepare all your herbs on, yet small enough to comfortably fit on your lap. And yes, this tray feels at least as solid as it looks. Trust us, this rolling tray made in Canada by artisan craftsmen, is truly the only rolling tray you will every need.

Product Specifications:

Brand: Maze

Made in Canada

Material: High-quality Mahogany

Size (W x H): 25 x 18 cm / 10 x 7 Inches

Includes Silicon Container and Titanium Dabbing Stick


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