Raw Hemp Wick – Box Of 20 Rolls | 20 Ft Each

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Hemp wick is so much better than using a butane lighter or -heaven forbid- matches to light your bowl, joint, blunt, pipe, or even your one-hitter. This Raw hemp wick is coated with 100% pure beeswax, giving the hemp wick a nice slow and constant burn.

This box contains 20 rolls of 20 feet (6 meters) of pure natural hemp and beeswax wick. Perfect if you don't want to use a larger roll, or -and here is an idea- as a unique take-home gift for your wedding/birthday/party guests.


Product Specifications:

Brand: Raw

Ships from: Canada

Length: 20 rolls of 6 meter / 20 feet each

Ingredients: Natural unbleached Hemp and Beeswax


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USA: 1-3 weeks

Canada: 1-3 weeks

*Depending on your exact location and customs processing times.


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