Striped Tree Percolator Bong 14 Inches

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Look at it. We mean: just look at this beauty. And then realize that this mid-sized bong doesn't just look good, it smokes equally well. With a total height of 14 inches (35 cm), this bong pulls like the proverbial chimney. Plus, the smoke is doubly filtrated as it travels through the water in the base and the tiny water bubbles created by the percolator half-way up the tube. The result is a perfectly smooth hit that is gentle and full of all the natural flavours of your favourite herb.

Available in Green, Blue, Sky blue, Purple, Pink, Red, and Black.

All you need to do is pick your colour and start enjoying!


Product Specifications:

Ships from: Canada

Material: Borosilicate glass

Height: 14 inches / 35 cm

Joint size: 14 mm


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Green, Blue, Sky blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Black


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