Trap House – Beamer Candle Co. 12oz Glass Mason Jar

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Trap House - Beamer Candle Co. 12oz Glass Mason Jar

Product Description:

The original Trap House soy blended wax candle, made by the Beamer Candle Company. 

About Beamer Candle Company Candles:

One of the downsides of smoking inside a room is the smell that stays behind, whether it is tobacco or our favourite herbs. These smells linger for hours, if not days, and build up over time. Most scented candles will mask this smell by "overpowering" it with the candle's scent. The wax candles made by the Beamer Candle Company are different. They are created with ultra-premium soy blends containing a mix of natural ingredients and enzymes that actually absorb and eliminate bad odours. They truly destroy the molecules that cause the foul odours and leave your room smelling remarkably fresh and vibrant.

Beamer Candle Company's wax candles come with a lead-free wick inside a reusable glass mason jar. With properly trimmed wick, they can burn for up to 90+ hours. Once they are burnt up, you can continue using the 12 oz (354 ml) mason jar for drinks or storage. It's a gift that keeps on giving.


Product Specifications:

Made in USA

Lead-Free Wick

Soy Blended Wax

90+ Hour Burn Time

12 oz (354 ml) Reusable Glass Mason Jar 

Ultra Premium Candle


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