Wood on the outside, high quality aluminium on the inside. That pretty much describes this beautiful wooden grinder from Genie. But you will have to hold this grinder in your hand to understand why this is such a genius piece of grind-work. The wooden surface feels so much nicer than most of the aluminum or plastic grinders. And it grinds at least as good as any high-end metal grinder. After all, the inside is made out of the same high-grade aluminium, with razor sharp teeth to grind your favourite herbs quickly and smoothly.

This grinder makes the perfect gift. It is stylish, elegant, unique, and super efficient. It's pure genius, made by Genie.


Product Specifications:

Brand: Genie

Ships from: Canada

Material: Wood and Aluminium


Height: 6.3 cm / 2.5 inches

Diameter: 60 mm / 2.4 inches

4 layers


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Canada: 1-3 weeks

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