This humidor is the absolute crown jewel of the Xhaal storage collection. And for good reason! This beautifully designed humidor is completely hand crafted, using only the finest materials. Each little detail shows how this limited edition Xhaal humidor was created specifically for the smoking aficionado who values quality above all.

The Xhaal Humidor is stylish, durable and comes fully stacked with everything you need. Yes, it is pricey. It's also a worthwhile investment that you will enjoy for a lifetime.


Included in the package:

• 2 x 100 ml jars

• 1 x 50 ml jar

• 1 x 4 part grinder

• 4 x pack of rolling papers

• 1 x Silver tray

• 2 x silicone oil jars

• 1 x one hitter pipe + filters

• 1 x ashtray

• 1 x USB Lighter

• 2 x paper filters

• 1 x Ring Holder


Product Specifications:

Brand: Xhaal

Ships from: Canada


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Delivery Times*:

USA: 2-3 weeks

Canada: 2-3 weeks

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