Bosk Weed Girl Dugout Of Fine Teak Woo

Beautiful fine teak wooden dugout with a Bosk - Weed Girl design pyrographed onto the front (fyi: pyrographing: to make an image on wood or other materials by selectively burning the surface). Includes a high-quality metal one-hitter. This dugout has two compartments. One for your herb and one to store your one-hitter. The one-hitter compartment is spring-loaded and will push up your one-hitter so you can easily get it out. Smoke your herb wherever and whenever you want, discreetly and comfortably, without drawing unwanted attention.

Note: because this dugout is made by hand, the colour and grain of the wood may vary from item to item.


Product Specifications:

Brand Logo: Bosk

Ships from: Canada

Material: Teak wood

One-hitter: Metal

Size: 10 cm / 4 inches

Hand crafted


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Delivery Times*:

USA: 2-3 weeks

Canada: 1-3 weeks

*Depending on your exact location and customs processing times.

d Comes With One Hitter