You can always rely on Cannatonik to come up with something different. Case in point, this handy 40mm grinder. Besides the usual parts, this grinder features a extra large herb collector compartment with a unique side-slot that can open and close.

"Cool story, bro!" You may say, "Needs more weed!"

And we would agree. It does need more weed. A whole lot of weed, in fact. Which is where the aforementioned side-slot comes in. This side-slot let's you pour out you freshly ground herbs from the grinder into whatever bowl, pipe, paper you prefer to use. Juts open it up and tilt the grinder. Easy peasy, OG Lemon squeezy (or whichever strain you happen to be putting into the top of the grinder :))

Made of high-grade aluminium, with diamond-shaped, ultra-sharp teeth and a fine metal mesh to separate your pollen, this grinder is guaranteed to last and grind for a long, long time.


Product Specifications:

Brand: Cannatonik

Ships from: Canada

Material: Aluminum

Height: approx 5 cm / 2 inches.

Diameter: 40 mm / 1.5 inches

Diamond Cutting Blades with razor sharp edges for maximum efficiency

Side slot for easy emptying of collector compartment



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Canada: 1-3 weeks

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