This Blizzard Nucleus Series Freezable bong has it all: amazing filtration and even more amazing cooling power. Like it's 13 inch brother, this bong features a freezable glycerin chamber that cools down the smoke a whopping 300 degrees as it passes from the beaker through the coil. The main difference is the pill shaped chamber with a gridded inline percolator that gives you an even better dispersion and filtration of your smoke. Combined with the freezable glycerin chamber this perc creates an incredibly soft, cool, and super smooth vapour-like smoke that doesn't burn your throat or lungs.

With a bong like this, harsh tastes and coughing fits are a thing of the past. In fact, these bongs are so good at filtering and cooling down smoke that, according to our customers, even people with asthma can now smoke herbs without coughing.

We know everyone is different and reacts differently to smoking herbs. So, disclaimer, results may vary from person to person, and results from the past are no guarantee for the future. However, we do know that these high-quality borosilicate glass freezable bongs are a definite hit with just about anybody who bought one. They are easy to use and incredibly comfortable to smoke.


How does it work?
Put the glycerine chamber in your freezer for about 1-2 hours. Once frozen, attach the chamber to the base and fill the bowl with your favourite herb. That's all. You are ready to go. Thanks to the properties of glycerine, you will have at least half an hour before the chamber has warmed up to the point where it can no longer sufficiently cool down the smoke.


Product Specifications:

Brand: Cannatonik

Ships from: Canada

Material: Borosilicate glass and Glycerine

Size: 35.5 cm / 14 inches

Blizzard series premium glass bongs are Asian handcrafted


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