This beautifully styled Cannatonik grinder has it all. It's made of aircraft-grade aluminum and features some of the best and sharpest teeth you will find in any herb grinder. These diamond shaped teeth are positioned in such a way that the contents are constantly pushed from the outside to the inside, smoothly shredding your dried herbs to the perfect texture. The windows on the side allow you to precisely track your progress. What more can you ask for? Ok, other than a sh**load of herbs to grind up in this amazing grinder. 



Product Specifications:

Brand: Cannatonik

Ships from: Canada

Type: 3 stages [4 layers] 

Material: Aircraft grade aluminium

Diameter: 56 mm / 2.2 inches

Diamond-shaped Cutting Blades with razor sharp edges for maximum efficiency

Magnetic lid


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Delivery Times*:

USA: 2-3 weeks

Canada: 1-3 weeks

*Depending on your exact location and customs processing times.