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        The 19" Dual 8 Arms Perc Water Bong is a masterpiece in both design and functionality. Crafted from quality Borosilicate glass, this bong isn't just durable; it's a work of art. Standing at an impressive 19 inches, it's designed for those who take their smoking sessions seriously.

        But let's talk about what really sets this bong apart: its two separate 8 tree arms percolators. This feature ensures that every hit is smooth, filtered, and full of flavour. And with a 7mm glass thickness, you can be confident that this bong is built to last. Plus, this bong comes equipped with a splash guard, ensuring that you get only the smoke, not the water. Plus, the 3-pinched ice catcher allows you to add ice for an even cooler and smoother experience.

        So, if you're looking for a bong that combines aesthetic appeal with unparalleled functionality, your search has successfully ended with this amazing bong.


        Product Specifications:
        Ships from: Canada
        Material: Borosilicate Glass
        Height: 19 inches
        Glass Thickness: 7 mm
        Tube Diameter: 2 inches
        Joint: Thick bowl for 14 mm female joint
        Special Features: 3 Pinched Ice Catcher, Dual 8 Tree Arms Percolator, Splash Guard

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