Now, here is a spicy little pipe that has absolutely no problem getting you really, really hot... I mean high! really, really high!

All kidding aside. This amazing 5 inch long glass smoking pipe is the perfect conduit for your complementary herbs. Shaped like a green Chilli pepper, with even a little stem at the end of the pipe, it is sure to delight anyone who likes to spice up their smoking sessions.

But hold on, it does not only look good. It smokes even better. This pipe is made of high-grade borosilicate glass that will stand the test of time and heat. With a total length of about 5 inches (12.7 cm), it gives the smoke ample time and space to cool down to more manageable level of hotness. It's also relatively easy to clean, cutting down drastically on your regular maintenance time. Making this pipe an absolute doozy to use and own. In fact, it wouldn't surprise us if you were to pull this beautiful little pipe out of the pantry on a pretty much daily basis, not just during cook-outs and other parties involving spices and herbs. It may well end up becoming your go-to daily smoker.


Product Specifications:

Ships from: Canada

Material: Borosilicate glass

Size: 12.7 cm / 5 inches

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USA: 2-3 weeks

Canada: 2-3 weeks

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