Sleek and sophisticated. This exclusive High Hutch stash box set exhumes luxury and wealth. That is also the only thing it exhumes, since this box-set comes with two smell proof, UV-blocking glass containers that will protect your herbs and keep them fresh for weeks, if not months. With the smell proof design locking in all scents and smells, keeping your stash discrete and your privacy protected. 


But that's not all, this set truly comes with everything a cannaseur needs. 

  • A beautiful bamboo rolling tray
  • A small metal rolling tray that magnetically sticks top the inside of the cover.
  • A High Hutch 4 layer aluminium grinder with scraper
  • An aluminium pollen press 
  • And even a beautiful, slick, black bamboo dugout with one hitter. 

All stored in a padded, matte black wooden stash box with padlock.

In short, this is the ultimate gift set for your favourite cannaseur, be that a friend, family member or yourself. Plus, it is made by the trusted people of High hutch, so you know it is all super high quality. After all, they wouldn't do any other way. 

Product Specifications:

Brand: High Hutch

Ships from Canada

Materials: Wood, Bamboo, Metal, Glass 



Wooden stash box with padded inside

Padlock with keys

Wooden rolling tray

Metal rolling tray

Aluminium Pollen press

4-Part grinder with scraper

2 UV blocking smell proof containers

1 Wooden dugout with one-hitter

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Delivery Times*:

USA: 2-3 weeks

Canada: 1-3 weeks

*Depending on your exact location and customs processing times.