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This beautifully styled cylindrical glass pipe is made by Maple Glass, a brand with a long history of creating artful, handcrafted, high quality smoking gear. This pipe combines style with functionality. The cylinder that forms the base of this pipe is open on both side, so you can put your finger on the opposite side to pull the smoke from the bowl and then release your finger to inhale all of it with fresh air added into the mix.

Fun little detail, You can actually put this pipe down on a flat surface without worries. The two little 'feet' at the bottom of the pipe prevent it from rolling on its side and spilling all your herb across the coffee table.

All in all, this is a great little pipe for both daily use and special occasions. We're sure you will absolutely love it!

Available in various colours.


Product Specifications:

Brand: Maple Glass

Ships from: Canada

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Size: Approx 4.5 inches / 11 cm

Weight: 36 grams 


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