This tropical themed Pineapple stash jar is made of high-quality ceramic. The body is yellow with a green leafy top. The scalloped shape gives it a true 3D feel. It looks equally great on a kitchen shelf, cooking island, or even on a a book shelf in your living room. It's as inconspicuous as a pineapple can be! 

Of course you can use this jar to store anything that needs an airtight container. Teas, coffees, kitchen herbs and spices, but most of all -of course- our favourite herb of all. The tight-seal cork ensures that your no matter what you put in it, it is kept fresh and protected from light for many months.

This Pineapple stash jar comes packaged in an acetate box and makes fabulous gift for 420 parties and events. Pair it with our matching Pineapple Roast & Toast mug or Pineapple Pipe and you have the perfect gift for a stoner friend or family member.


Product Specifications:

Brand: Roast&Toast

Ships from: Canada

Size:  2.75 x 2.75 x 4 Inches

Material:  ceramic

Cork lid keeps contents sealed and fresh for months

This product is recommended for adult use only


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