This 12 inch (30 cm) tall bong has it all. It features a honey comb percolator and a tree percolator for optimal filtering and lots of cooling power. They've even added a splash guard, just in case some of the hundreds of little bubbles decide to hitch a ride with the smoke up the tube to your mouth. And if you want to cool your smoke down even more, just add a couple of ice cubes on top of the splash guard. It can handle it, no problem.

This truly is bong smoking at its finest. Full flavourful smoke, perfectly filtered and cooled down to create a smooth and gentle super hit. Plus, it's and designed in Canada by Maple Glass, with each piece meticulously hand-crafted, so you know it's top of the line.


Product Specifications:

Brand: Maple Glass

Ships from: Canada

Material: High quality Borosilicate Glass

Size: 30 cm / 12 inches

Weight: 530 grams

Joint size: 14 mm


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Delivery Times*:

USA: 2-3 weeks

Canada: 1-3 weeks

*Depending on your exact location and customs processing times.