The Purple Heart - King Size Rolling Tray by Illuminate is a top-of-the-line, luxurious sanctuary for the discerning smoker who values both aesthetics and functionality. This is not just a rolling tray; it's an experience that transforms your rolling ritual into an art form.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship:
Each tray is a unique masterpiece, handcrafted in Canada an featuring its own natural wood characteristics. The rich purple hue of the wood adds an air of exclusivity, elevating your smoking experience to new heights.

Ingenious Design:
Designed to accommodate a plethora of rolling accessories, this tray captures spillage with finesse, ensuring a clean and organized rolling process. From six different styles of lighters to two sizes of grinders or jars, this tray has a place for everything.

Ultimate Convenience:
With 18 separate spaces for joints, blunts, and other tools, this tray is the epitome of convenience. It even includes a dedicated slot for your cellphone, making it the ultimate multitasking accessory.

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, the Purple Heart - King Size Rolling Tray by Illuminate is definitely an investment in unparalleled luxury and utility.

Product Specifications:

    • Brand: Illuminate
    • Made in: Canada
    • Material: Unique Wood with Natural Characteristics
    • Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 2 cm / 15.75 x 12 x 3/4 inches
    • Special Features: Holds 6+ Lighter Styles, 2 Grinder/Jar Sizes (68mm & 100mm), 18 slots for Joints/Blunts, King-Sized Paper, Cellphone

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