Introducing the Santa Ceramic Pipe by Roast & Toast — the holiday accessory that's as functional as it is festive. Imagine lighting up the room, quite literally, with this brilliantly coloured Santa pipe at your next holiday gathering. It's not just a conversation starter; it's a holiday tradition in the making.

Crafted from high-quality ceramic, this Santa pipe is a work of art. From his bushy white eyebrows and moustache to his iconic red hat, every detail is designed to delight. But don't let the whimsical appearance fool you; this Santa means business.

How It Works:
The bowl is conveniently located at the front of Santa, making it easy to pack your tobacco and light up. As you inhale, the smoke filters up through Santa's head, which is spacious enough to allow the smoke to cool down before it continues its path up to the mouthpiece at the top. It's a fully functional pipe that adds a dash of holiday magic to your smoking experience.


Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Roast & Toast
  • Ships from: Canada
  • Material: High-Quality Ceramic
  • Size: 5" long, 4" wide, 5 1/2" tall
  • Special Features: Built-in Bowl for Smoking, Bold Santa Design with Red Hat, Spacious Head for Cooler Smoke
  • Recommended for: Adult use only

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Canada: 1-3 weeks
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