Smoking a bong is fun, always and everywhere. But most bongs are a bit of a hassle to take with you. They are bulky and -as most of them are made of glass- not really travel-proof.

In comes this super-compact little bong. And by little, we mean little. Standing only 4 inches (10 cm) tall, this bong is about the size of a well-proportioned hand pipe. It's made of metal and thus fully bump-, fall-, drop-, and throw-proof. It even has a detachable bowl cover to prevent your herbs from taking flight before you have the chance to light them. Also, you can completely disassemble this bong, which makes cleaning and packing for travel a guaranteed breeze. Just don't take it to places where they don't like our beloved little plant. Other than that, this mini bong will have you bubbling away in no time, every time.

Available in: Blue | Red | Silver | Black


Product Specifications:

Ships from: Canada

Material: Metal

Size: 10 cm / 4 inches


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