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    This electroplated bong is a definite eye-catcher. Not just because of its size, it stands a whopping 18 inches / 45 cm's tall, but also because it looks just-absolutely-stunning. The metallic colours change in all kinds of subtle ways as the light reflects off of this bong. 

    But a nice looking bong is only half of the game. The real question is: how does it smoke? The answer: like an 18 inches long, 2 inches wide, high-speed train tunnel. This beauty takes all the flavours and terpenes straight from the bowl to your mouth. The length of the tube, in combination with the 6 inch diffuser down-stem, allows the smoke ample space and time to cool down to the perfect temperature. You can cool it down even more by adding some ice cubes on top of the ice catcher at the bottom of the tube.

    In short, this bong will offer you plenty of serious smoking joy for a long , long time.

    And just in case you were wondering: Yes, this bong features a 14 mm female joint, so you can easily attach any of your favourite custom bowls and ash catchers.


    Product Specifications:

    Brand: Spark

    Ships from: Canada

    Material: Electroplated Borosilicate Glass

    Height : 18"

    Glass Thickness : 9 mm 

    Tube diameter: 2"

    Beaker base : 5.5" (0.75" bottom)

    Thick bowl for 14 mm female joint

    3 Pinched Ice Catcher

    Diffused Down-stem  6" (Top to bottom)

    3 Pieces

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