With the Specter series, Soul Glass has again managed to raise the bar for stylish beaker bongs a  little higher. These 12 inch tall beaker bongs are incredibly stylish and beautiful to look at.

However, the bent neck is not just an aesthetic choice. It offers several benefits to the user as well. Instead of having to tilt your head all the way forward, like you would with a straight tube bong, a bent neck bong allows for a more comfortable upright positioning of your head. This makes inhaling your herb's smoke much easier. They are also easier to handle than regular straight tube bongs of this size. Plus, you can put a bit more water in bent neck bongs, improving its filtration and cooling power.

So, even though bent neck or straight tube mostly comes down to preference, there are some definite points to make for going bent. In which case the Specter series is a perfect choice. Like all Soul Glass bongs, the quality of these Specter Series bongs is top notch and sure to please even the most discerning cannaseur. They are made of high-grade Borosilicate glass and feature a removable six-slit down-stem and large 19 mm bowl.


TLDR: It's perfect for people who like to enjoy a comfortable smoking sesh using a great looking bong.

Available colours: Green | Pink | Grey | White | Blue | Espresso

Product Specifications:
 Soul Glass
 30 cm / 12 inches
 125 mm base
 675 Gm
 19 Mm
 High-quality Borosilicate glass

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