Where to start with this amazing looking Kink Zong Bong. I mean, just looking at it makes you wonder what the inventor of this bong was smoking when he came up with this design... and what he was smoking it out of.  

Not that it really matters that much. All that counts is that he (or she, or they,) gave the world one of the most amazing looking bongs in human history. And it does not only look super-cool, its kinks and zongs serve a purpose as well. The added space the turns and twists provide are being put to excellent use as the smoke gets plenty of time to cool down before it hits you - hard and straight in the mouth. A couple of hits from this thing and you will be coming up with ultra-creative bong designs as well. Ok, well, maybe not as creative a bong design as this one, but close... definitely close. 

Product Specifications:

Brand: Xtream

Ships from: Canada

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Size: 14" Height

Glass Thickness: 5 mm 

Tube : 2"

Kink Zong

Honeycomb diffuser

Thick bowl for 14 mm female Joint

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Canada: 2-3 weeks

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