Dieseltonic Buds | Hybrid

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Dieseltonic is a hybrid strain of cannabis that contains a potent CBD count. The parents of this incredible strain would be New York City Diesel and none other than Cannatonic. Consumers report feeling focused and relaxed while having an uplifted, euphoric, and happy experience from the strain of cannabis.

Medically those who suffer from depression, inflammation, and pain, as well as stress and muscle spasms, can find the relief they are after with Dieseltonic. With this incredibly potent strain of cannabis, you can expect flavours of citrus and diesel which come from its New York City Diesel parenting as well as tastes of the forest which is commonly associated with Cannatonic. The combination together makes the incredible strain known by the name of Dieseltonic.

Parents: Cannatonic, NYC Diesel
Similar to: Purple Voodoo, Purple Dragon, Sour OG, Headband, Chemdawg
Flavors: Orange, Pine, Diesel
Effects: Focused, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted
Medical: Muscle Spasms, Depression, Pain, Stress, Inflammation
Potency: Potency: 1% or less THC Content / 6-8% CBD Content