Hawaiian Dream Buds | Sativa

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Hawaiian Dream is a Sativa dominant strain of cannabis that comes from cross breeding two classics. Hawaiian and Blue Dream together produce the effects that many patients are after today. This is because it has a high CBD content that often helps many individuals find relief who are suffering from pain, inflammation, and other common side effects with mini diseases and disorders today. Hawaiian Dream is reported by consumers to leave them feeling euphoric. Overall uplifted and focused feeling while melting away depression and helping with pain. It provides consumers the enjoyable experience they look for each time. This makes Hawaiian Dream a popular strain of many medical marijuana patients. You can expect the tropical tones of the islands followed with sweet candy flavours and citrus notes.

Parents: Hawaiian, Blue Dream
Similar to: CBD Mango Haze, Hawaiian, Sweet and Sour, Maui Bubble Gift, One to One
Flavors: Sweet, Grapefruit, Tropic
Effects: Euphoric, Uplifted, Relaxed, Happy, Focused
Medical: Inflammation, Depression, Headaches, Pain, Stress
Potency: 3-12% THC Content / 10-14% CBD