Yoda OG Buds | Indica

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Yoda OG comes from the legendary OG Kush cannabis strain and trust us the force is very powerful with this one. The OG Kush genetics are very evident in the pungent earthy and woody tones in both the flavor and aroma of the strain. This delectable Indica will provide you with complete relaxation across your entire body and having you feeling a sense of euphoria throughout your cerebral cortex. It’s strong relaxing and euphoric effects make it a powerful strain for combating insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Parents: OG Kush
Similar to: Critical Mass, Emerald Jack, Harlequin
Flavors: Earthy, Woody, Pine, Pungent
Effects: Relaxed, Euphoric, Hungry, Happy
Medical: Pain, Insomnia, Depression
Potency: 16-22% THC