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When we think of the hippie era, the first thing that comes to mind -other than their love for a certain little plant- are iconic tie-dye shirts, flower power symbols, and groovy tunes of the ’60s and ’70s. Though the heyday of the hippie movement has passed, the spirit of the hippie culture is still very much alive and relevant today. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and explore how the hippie culture continues to influence and inspire the modern world.

The Spirit of the Hippie Movement: A Brief History

To understand how the spirit of the hippie culture is still alive today, we must first revisit the countercultural roots of the movement. Born out of a response to the social and political unrest of the ’60s and ’70s, the hippies passionately challenged the status quo. They vigorously rejected the traditional values and materialism of mainstream society, aiming to create a more utopian, egalitarian world.


Living Together: The Enduring Appeal of Communal Living

One of the defining characteristics of the hippie movement was communal living, an idea that’s still relevant today as concerns about climate change and income inequality grow. The spirit of sharing resources and working together to create a self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyle is very much alive in modern eco-villages and co-living spaces. It is clear that the hippies were onto something when they embraced a harmonious way of life with the environment and each other.

Freedom of Expression: Celebrating Individuality

Hippies were known for their emphasis on personal freedom and individual expression, celebrating diversity and non-conformity. Today, we see this same spirit of individualism alive and kicking in the LGBTQ+ movement, where people fight for the right to express their true selves and be accepted for who they are. It’s as if the hippie culture passed the baton of freedom to a new generation eager to embrace their own unique identities.



Mother Earth: An Everlasting Connection to Nature

The hippie movement’s deep connection to nature and its commitment to protecting the environment is still as relevant today as it was back then. The spirit of the hippie culture can be seen clearly in the rise of the modern environmental movement and the push for sustainability. From Greta Thunberg’s activism to community gardens, it’s more than evident that the love for Mother Earth, which the hippies championed, continues to inspire people today.


Idealism and Activism: The Never-Ending Pursuit of a Better World

One thing the hippie movement was definitely known for was its unwavering idealism and activism. Though their utopian vision may not have been fully realized, the hippies’ commitment to social justice has inspired generations of activists who continue to fight for a better world today. From the Women’s March to Black Lives Matter, the spirit of the hippies can definitely be felt in the modern pursuit of justice and equality.



The Spirit of the Hippie Culture: Alive, Relevant, and Inspiring

In conclusion, the spirit of the hippie culture is undeniably alive and relevant today. From communal living and personal freedom to environmentalism and social justice, the ideas and values of the hippies continue to resonate with people worldwide. As humanity faces new challenges and struggles, we can look to the hippie culture for inspiration and guidance and keep their legacy alive. We don’t need to put on some Janis Joplin and wear our favourite tie-dye shirts, but we should definitely embrace the spirit of the hippie culture and, just like in “the olden days,” work together for a better, more inclusive world!


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